A Leader in the Heavy Construction Industry Since 1927

About Us

Corporate Profiles

Thomas B. Poole

Shepard T. Poole
President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael J. Hickey
Executive Vice President, Construction Operations

Pascale J. Ambrosio
Executive Vice President, Engineering & Estimating

Eugene J. Hickey
Senior Vice President, Construction Operations - West

Edward Fitzgerald
Assistant Vice President, Operations West

James P. Small
Vice President, Purchasing

Dennis J. Springer
Senior Vice President of Finance and Corporate Secretary

Linda Birkeland

Stuart W. Buhrendorf
Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management

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Mission Statement

The Hallen Construction Company is dedicated to providing distribution contracting services to our customers safely, reliably, and efficiently, to availing employees the wherewithal to achieve their full potential while enhancing the communities in which we work.

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Company Values

Hallen's values are best represented by a triangle signifying the interrelationship between the three sides and their dependency upon one another. Our values of quality, service, and safety are the foundation for every business transaction, project and service that we provide.

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Commitment to Service

Hallen's commitment to excellence is unwavering. We strive to continue to be the company others look to emulate, and the leader in our industry. We pledge to provide the best possible product to our customers and, although the methods used will change as the industry does, we will always strive to attain the highest satisfaction rate.

Hallen has a solid track record of providing the highest quality work through a customer-first attitude, constant innovation, process improvement, and a desire to be the best. Integrity is never compromised at Hallen.

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For over eighty years The Hallen Construction Co., Inc. has been providing unparalleled service to its customers with one belief. Do the job correctly the first time. This company mantra has allowed Hallen to develop a reputation that is unsurpassed in our territory. Our clients are reassured that they can rely on Hallen to bring any job in on time and on budget. We have essentially eliminated costly rework with our improved quality assurance and control.

Hallen's staunch belief permeates our corporate structure. Each current and new employee has received a copy of our Code of Conduct manual, which details what is expected from each employee and signed a waiver stating that they will abide by it. This has allowed us to mold a workforce that has one central goal: to continue to set the standard. Our company can only be as good as we try to be. For that reason everyday we go out and try to be better than the day before. A number of incentive programs allow us to keep track of this drive for perfection and fosters a friendly spirit of competition amongst our workforce.

The Hallen Construction Co., Inc. is a different kind of company for a new age. One that puts its customers wants and needs ahead of our own and finds the optimal way of benefiting both parties. Ask any of our satisfied customers and you will find that they must agree with our contention that we ‘continue to set the standard.'

The Hallen Construction Co., Inc. is a full union contractor and an equal opportunity employer.

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Our Employees

Our employees are the source of our strength. We strive to create and support a safe and open work environment. Employee involvement in our operations is vital to the continuous process of improvement. As a result of continuous training programs, both in-house and in conjunction with our customers, as well as numerous reward and recognition programs, the employees at Hallen will continue to set the standard. Hallen will, at all times, provide a work force that is fully trained in hazardous material handling and sensitive to other environmental concerns. Teamwork is a hallmark of Hallen and each employee will be respectful of each other, the customers, and the public with whom they have contact.

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Our History

The Hallen Construction Company, Inc. originally was founded as the Hallen Welding Service in 1927 by Maurice Hallen. The organization operated for many years essentially as a welding company.

Then, in the nineteen forties, Arthur Poole (who is now deceased) joined the firm as an engineer after his service in the Navy. Arthur began the move into related fields and subesequently bought the company from Mr. Hallen in 1951. Since that time, Hallen has been managed by the Poole family.

Our present Chairman, Thomas Poole, came to Hallen in 1964 following his graduation from Hobart College and his Navy service. His son and our current President and CEO, Shepard Poole, began as a full time employee at Hallen after his graduation from Hobart in 1991.

Over the past 60 plus years, Hallen's management has greatly expanded the size and scope of the work performed to include natural gas pipelines, steam, petroleum, sewer and water pipelines, electric conduits, telecommunications, site work, and station work.

Today, Hallen
is a major distribution contractor serving the New York Metro area's principal utilities, National Grid and Con Edison, various pipeline companies, other private sector companies, and public sector agencies.

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